A new blogging journey…..

I used to blog regularly – both for education, and personal/artistic interest.  My edublog was ‘Let’s Talk Elearning’ as that was the focus of my role for 8 years, and it is a topic that lends itself to building a network, using web 2.0 tools etc. Checking back on that site, I haven’t posted since 2010. And prior to that, my posts became a lot further apart, as I juggled an Elearning role and classroom teaching (in the first 3 years of my elearning journey, I was not in the classroom).  Eventually, school work and blogging became too hard to juggle and I stopped writing. This year I have not been working in an eLearning capacity for the first time since 2004 and I have been focused entirely on my classroom – teaching ceramics, art, visual communication and photography from year 7-12. Next year, I take one the role as Head of Art, so my focus will be even more on the art area – curriculum, resources, PL for staff, fundraising etc. and working to try and raise the profile of Art in the school and reverse the current trend of dropping numbers in Middle and Senior Art. I also intend to continue (and improve) the implementation of some ‘reverse instruction’ approaches that I started with my senior classes this year. I enjoy writing, and sharing resources and ideas with my colleagues around the world, so I’m going to give edublogging another go – with a new focus and hopefully, renewed energy.

I’d love it if you want to come on the journey with me – say hi in the comments, share great web resources, link back to your own Art teaching blog or website……

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