Looking back

Well, we are a couple of weeks into the year, and  today was the first time I have thought about the blog – it’s been busy! So before I write my first post about the work we are doing this year, I thought I might do a few posts highlighting some of my favourite student work from my classes in the last few years.

So today I want to look at some Year 7 work.  In the past, we have tended to concentrate on just a few major projects throughout the semester, but this year I want to include more fun, engaging, educational short term tasks as well.  So there will probably be quite a difference in the Year 7 work I post this year.  But here is some of my favourite work from previous classes……

The first project was a Pop Art inspired painting that we worked on during a transition task based on the book ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’. The Linocut Prints were designed under the theme ‘The Fish That John West Reject’, and were inspired by photographs of freaky deep sea fish. The final paintings were from a Post Impressionism unit.

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