Many directions from one starting point

I am really pleased with how my year 11 studio art class are getting stuck into their first prac. We had a bit of a confusing and rocky start, as the subject has run for years as Photography, and we are trying to open it up to other mediums.  Many of the students expected it was once again photography, but despite initial claims from about half the class that they wanted to stick to pure photogpraphy, most of them have embraced the intention with their first piece, to explore their ideas and concepts, and see where they lead, rather than deciding on the final product before they begin. Much to my (and their!) surprise, we have mediums ranging from watercolour to wood carving going on, which is exciting.

We started this topic by looking at how various artists have responded to the idea of suburbia. We looked at the work of John Brack, Howard Arkley, Louis Porter and Stephen Haley and discussed how different people view ‘suburbia’ and what it means to the students, as they all live in the suburbs. From there, their ideas have exploded and I’m excited to see what they come up with, although the important part of this task is their exploration of sources of inspiration, and material and techniques. I’ll post pics when they are done!

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