Animal Zentangles

My Year 10 students in the Drawing, Painting and Printmaking class have started off the year in great fashion with these Zentangle Animals.  In the past I have always followed the original Zentangle intention of abstract images, but I wanted to give the students more than just random patterns to focus on – this variation of the task requires them to plan how the ‘tangles’ or patterns can enhance the design, creating texture and detail that supports the animal design.  Some did that more successfully than others, but they all look great, especially en masse – but some of them are absolutely stunning as individual artworks!



 zentangle22 zentangle16zentangle21zentangle17 zentangle18zentangle11zentangle07 zentangle20 zentangle19    zentangle15 zentangle05zentangle14 zentangle13  zentangle02zentangle10 zentangle09 zentangle08zentangle12  zentangle01 


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