The difference high expectations make….

I have been using lino printing with my year 7 Art students for many years.  They enjoy it, the results are good – the only negative is they do tend to cut themselves more than I would like.  As we have a specific printmaking component in the year 10 course here, it means I have also been doing lino printing with my year 10 students the last few years.  I have tried to encourage them to take it further, and try multi-coloured printing. But whether its because they were intimidated by the process, or too precious about their lino design (the multi-coloured process means you are left with no printing block at the end), they have resisted trying. This has frustrated me, so this year, I decided to just get my year 7 class to show them how it is done.  I didn’t give them an option, just introduced the task as a three colour process. While they don’t all have the same fine motor skills control to get the results I think the older students could, they readily understood the process, and all successfully completed a multi-coloured print. I am really happy with the work they have produced!


colour_lino02 colour_lino03 colour_lino04 colour_lino05 colour_lino06 colour_lino07 colour_lino08 colour_lino09  colour_lino11 colour_lino12 colour_lino13 colour_lino14 colour_lino15 colour_lino16  IMG_0212