5 months in the Drawing Life of a Year 7….

Once again, I have been so caught up in the day to day work of teaching, I have not found time to blog about it. But I tried an experiment this semester, to line up with some of the professional learning we had been doing as a staff. I decided to try and apply the pre and post test principal to practical work, to see if growth could be measured.  Since most topics we undertake are different each year in art eg lino printing in year 7, ceramics in year 9 etc, its hard to compare and measure growth, if they have zero knowledge to start with.  Drawing however is fundamental, and kids have been doing it in some form almost all their lives.  This year might, however, have been the first year they received any formal training in drawing techniques. My drawing lessons use a few exercises from Betty Edwards ‘Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain’ and focuses on helping students draw ‘what they see, not what they think they see’.

I am really pleased with the significant growth I can see in most of the class.  A very few appeared to have not proceeded, and several students were away on the last day, who I would have loved to see a concrete example of how they have improved, but overall, I was thrilled.  This is a selection of those with the biggest changes. The images are approximately 5 mths apart….

IMG_0450IMG_0452IMG_0445IMG_0444   IMG_0448 IMG_0453IMG_0454IMG_0457IMG_0460